The eco-friendly, cost saving solution to limescale

Now you can eliminate the unsightly and damaging limescale that builds up on your fixtures and in your hot water heater without the use of a resin containing water softener.

You will never have to carry or spend money on another bag of salt again.

How it Works

The Posi-Snap from GreenRod Solutions de-activates the calcium ions in your water, forcing them to travel through and out of your piping and faucets instead of causing limescale to form hard deposits.

Since the calcium remains in the water you get the benefits of its presence without the drawbacks of the limescale buildup!

To demonstrate what is happening to the calcium as your water passes by the Posi-Snap, let’s to begin with a little review from your high school chemistry class.

Limescale is formed when calcium ions and carbonate ions that are dissolved in your water bond together and form a solid. The solid is an off-white hard deposit. The solid can be formed by several mechanisms. It can form where the water is heated, it can also form when water droplets dry out and leave the calcium carbonate behind. The natural arrangement of the calcium and carbonate in the solid is called calcite, it is formed in a stable tightly packed order.

With the energy level of the calcium ions changed by the flux field produced by the Posi-Snap the calcium carbonate formed makes a solid that doesn’t adhere to your piping, hot water heater, and faucets. Instead, the microcrystals of the aragonite (the name given to the calcium carbonate atom arrangement) stay in the water and pass harmlessly out of your piping.

Treatment of water to eliminate the problem of calcium with magnetic fields has been around for over 40 years. However, the first systems had two significant drawbacks. To work correctly, the initial designs required closely matching the flow of water to the strength and direction of the magnetic field. Early systems are unnecessarily hard to install, many requiring winding a wire around and around and around the piping in just the right way.

The advancement of technology unique to the Posi-Snap solves the problems of the other systems. Instead of a static magnetic field, the superior circuit board integrated into every Posi-Snap unit produces a variable flux field that affects every calcium ion in your water. The quality of the field produced is directly related to the quality of the treatment, so the better the field, the better the result. Posi-Snap produces the best field to get the job done!


Will I need any tools or help to install my Posi-Snap?

Nope! The installation of your Posi-Snap is the easiest on the market. Not only did we invest countless hours developing the circuitry and green rod engineering to assure maximum benefit. We spent an equal effort to make your job easy. The most you might need is something to open the clamp with. A butter knife or flat-bladed screwdriver works well for this task.

How do I install my Posi-Snap and know that it is working?

Take the Posi-Snap unit out of the box. Open the clamp on the back of the Posi-Snap. Hold the unit (it weighs only 1.5 lbs.) over your pipe where you are placing the Posi-Snap. Close the clamp-securing the unit to your pipe. Plug into an outlet. Once powered, your unit will automatically turn on and begin treating your water. You’ll be able to observe the LEDs on the front panel displaying the status of the unit. Both will come on.

How long will it take for Posi-Snap to make a difference in the limescale buildup?

While you’ll notice immediate results, the full advantage of the treatment with your Posi-Snap unit can take time. Depending on the quantity of old scale and deposits currently in your piping, 30-60 days (rarely but occasionally 90 days or more with low water usage) will be required to dissolve old deposits.

Can the Posi-Snap treat the iron issues in my water?

Unfortunately, the Posi-Snap unit doesn’t treat iron problems in your water. If you get the brownish-red iron staining the Posi-Snap will not help with this issue. Drop us a line and we will discuss options with you depending on the iron levels you are combating.

Where can I get my own Posi-Snap?


The PosiSnap

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Enjoy the benefits of limescale-free water without the need to purchase bulky bags of salt time and time again or use harsh chemicals. Just one Posi-Snap unit is all you will need. No monthly fees, no recurring purchases.